Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

The follow-up process is a part of networking that still appears to confuse some people. Most people figure out that meeting someone at a networking event for five minutes isn't enough to build a relationship, and that follow-up is critical.

But while they may have the best of intentions of following up with their contacts they meet at events, once they are back at the office they find themselves staring at the pile of business cards they collected wandering what is the best step?

If you don't have a plan to follow-up, the results can be extremely awkward for you and your intended prospect. Sun Tzu once said, "Every battle is won before its ever fought", and I think the same can be directed to the follow-up process. What you do before the follow-up will make it easy or hard. Do you have a plan of action? Do you have a business tool that will deliver results? In my next installment, I will suggest ways to make the follow-up process efficient, fun and manageable at the same time....:)


  1. My favorite follow up after networking is a hand written note. I try to make quick notes on the back of business cards.

    Then when I get home, send out a quick note. That builds relationships fast.

  2. In fact Debbie I will be speaking more about taking notes on back of a business card in a future post and the urgency of a prompt follow-up through handwritten messages to build on the relationship quickly. Also in future posts will be lots of cool stuff about effective networking. Thank you so much for responding....:)