Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Referrals ARE The Driving Force

Referrals are a natural extension of always doing the best you can for your clients. An ever increasing number of client recommendations are the reward of living a life with good Karma. New clients that have been recommended are the natural result of how you do business everyday.

My good friend Steve who is in the business promotion business along with his father Don Mitchell always commented to me, “Keep your customer’s best interest at heart in everything you do. Don’t sell product just to make money, do business with a higher purpose”. It’s true that if you are in business you must make a profit, but the very best companies do more. Their purpose is to serve and help their customers while they earn profits. When I was young and struggling to start in sales this concept was the savior of my career. It was almost magic how it has worked to the benefit of me and everyone in my company It is the basis from which we operate. It governs the way we think and what we do. It is also a source of energy we can draw from whenever things get tough.

Client recommendations are the magic ticket to the best accounts.

The largest and best accounts come from word of mouth. Large sophisticated buyers don’t just start buying from new source without a recommendation. These accounts know how important having the right source is and they tend to rely on referrals to get the best.

If your organization is good, your clients are willing and able to tell other potential customers about you. You just have to remind them.

Use Business and Greeting Cards to promote referrals.

Make it easy for business associates and friends to refer you. Remind them that you really appreciate their recommendations and why you are worthy of their personal endorsements. Print promotional business cards designed for existing clients and give several to business associates whenever appropriate. Here are suggestions for copy on the back of a promotional business card.

If we do an outstanding job for you, please pass the word. Your confidence means everything to us! List some bullet points to remind them of your strong points.

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Consider having a special web landing page where the prospective clients fills in from whom they were recommended. Consider offering special discounts to prospects that are recommended by good clients.

Recognize the client when someone they recommended contacts your company. Thank them for the trust in your company. Consider giving a thank you gift to the referral source whenever a new account comes on board. The more you appreciate and recognize referrals the more you will receive.

These simple steps will make a huge difference in the number of new customers that come to your company.

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