Monday, May 30, 2011

The Power of the Greeting Card

Studies have shown that people have a need and a desire to send at least 1 card every day. Most people only currently send ten per year! The reason is often because it is inconvenient; too expensive; and just an overall hassle. Wouldn’t you agree?

Only 3% of the mail we receive is personal. The rest is mostly junk and bills. Think about how you feel when you open the mailbox and see a personalized card addressed to you? Do you open it first? How do you think those you know will feel getting cards from you? Your clients and friends are no different.

The key to building a referral-based business and building relationships is showing appreciation and staying in touch on a regular basis. People take notice when they feel appreciated! And, they remain loyal customers and give referrals.

Sending Greeting cards is a personal way to connect with people, show them you appreciate them, are thinking of them, and in a business sense, it serves the ongoing purposes of reminding people about you and what your services provide. Let people know you are thinking of them and they will think of YOU!

The power of a handwritten personalized greeting card is huge, and the ability to change the tide of a bad day, or lift the spirits, or send encouragement, or send thanks, or touch someone else’s life is one of the most powerful ways there is to change a life.

Sending out these cards still have the convenience and ease of an e-card, but it doesn’t compromise the end result, which is a REAL custom greeting card in someone’s mailbox, showing that you’re thinking of them. Let YOUR cards of appreciation, recognition and thanks be the first thing that your customers, clients and friends open each day. You will be remembered in a very special way to be sure.

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