Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Personalized Handwritten Greeting Cards Growing in Popularity

According to retail authority National Retail Federation (NRF), handwritten notes are making a strong comeback. Text and e-mail are the primary modes of communication between people, but a recent study of the greeting card and stationary market reveals that electronic communications are falling to the wayside as handwritten note cards re-emerge as the favored trend -- or, "counter-trend." Yes, even with the convenience of Facebook.

Personalized, handwritten note cards are so much more meaningful to receive. It's a way for you to realize that you really do matter to your sender, as they have taken the time to think about and write out this message. With handwritten note cards, you can really connect with people on a personal level, helping yourself to build and maintain those warm and valuable relationships. Let someone know that they are a top priority.

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