Friday, October 8, 2010

Give Something Away of "VALUE"

The other day a good friend of mine was talking to me about how she doesn’t get enough referrals. She was reaching out, connecting with referral partners, and asking her happy clients to refer potential clients to her. She had a standard letter that she sent out asking for referrals, and as an incentive she even gave gifts to those who referred people to her. She felt like she was doing everything she could do, but she wasn’t satisfied with the number of referrals she was getting, and asking for them made her feel “sales-y” and “icky.”

Getting Referrals by Giving VALUE

I recommended that my friend follow one of my favorite referral strategies — giving away something of VALUE. Clients and referral partners don’t often feel comfortable selling for you, but they are very comfortable giving something of VALUE away.

Items you can have your referral partners and current clients give away are things like:

• Reports

• Assessments

• Invitation to events, teleseminars or webinars

• Checklists

• Spreadsheets

• Task lists

• Any kind of easy-to-use “kit” that achieves a mini-result

These items give your client something of VALUE to share.

Instead of your client or referral partner doing you a favor by trying to send business your way, you will be doing something for them. You provide your referral partners with a value-added giveaway that they can give to their clients. You also provide your clients with something to give people in their network, which will help attract clients to you.

Giving your clients and referral partners something to give away (that adds value) creates a win-win situation. They have a great item to share, and you get client referrals without feeling “sales-y.”

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