Saturday, July 24, 2010

Business People Need "A" Plan

Whether you are an executive, realtor, mortgage broker, vacuum salesperson, dentist, public speaker, hairdresser or accountant, you need a systematic way to stay in touch with clients and prospects that can boost your revenue, customer loyalty, retention and provide you with endless referrals.

People are more likely to use you if they remember you. People are more likely to remember you if you remember them and you make them feel important and special.

E-mails often get deleted and ignored. Greeting cards with photos in them get saved and displayed.

Customers that know you appreciate them will pay more for your products or service AND they will remain loyal.

Customers will refer people to you when your name is the first to come to mind when a Friend, Relative or Associate is looking for someone in your field.

A well maintained network of only 100 people can lead to millions of dollars in business over time. Each person can connect you to over 250 people... that's 250,000 potential connections (If they like you and trust you, and gain a familiarity with you).

You can completely differentiate yourself from your competition by following a simple inexpensive plan that takes less than 5 minutes a day!

Today, I need a home security system. If someone from a home security system company had been sending me 2 personal cards per year, I would have called them....

On Monday I need a good carpenter or handyman. If someone with these talents had been sending me 2 personal cards per year, I would call them....

Do you get the picture? No one does this? Probably 1 out of 250 business people send greeting cards expressing appreciation for their customers' business. Just by sending one thank you card, you put yourself in the top 250 in your field. Put your picture in it and you are now in the top 1/2 of 1% of all business people. There are obviously other things that impact who gets the business...but it takes more than just being good. There are many good service providers. You must be REMEMBERED and you must EXPRESS APPRECIATION on an ongoing basis....IN A PERSONAL WAY!

The next time you shake your head and wonder why business is slow or your desire to get more referrals, you might want to read this post again. The solution is relatively easy.

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