Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Online Marketing

Eventually your regular online marketing techniques are not going to work anymore. If article marketing, blog commenting and backlinking have been successful for you previously, this might not be the situation in the future. Eventually you will have to get creative as well as think outside of the container. This is going to provide plenty of exhilaration in the process. Don’t lie. Shouldn’t you be a little fed up with submitting articles to article directories? Why not take a risk and try something new? These techniques are ideal to use for building up online marketing businesses.

Place the URL of your website on a t-shirt as well as wear it when you go out. Just wear your T-shirt down-town, go get a cup of Joe, and begin advertising your business! Doing this form of advertising may prompt people to walk up to you and ask a person what you are doing because of the T-shirt. It’s also likely that someone will see the actual shirt and get the exact URL or snap a picture of it with their camera phone and then visit the site once they get home. You will get quite a bit of advertising done by simply walking around. The publicity is one thing that you generate simply by wearing a top with your logo onto it. The saying kill two birds with one stone is certainly appropriate. Marketing items such as the little flat magnet with your name on it is another method of doing a few marketing. If you would like you can send all of them in the mail or whatever, just be sure you give them to people and it may work out all right. You will have to get creative about it, but if you think about this you’ll come up with things to do. The fantastic thing about a magnet is that it is easily removed therefore it won’t do any long lasting damage. Do some research on what that you can do with magnets and you will find there are lots of steps you can take. If you read a Fatcow review it will help you with your choice of hosts.

Using snail mail to obtain leads back to your website has been used to excellent effect by many people. You can even make it really simple and do some postcard marketing which can really work well. Your only goal is to generate a guide, and that means you avoid doing any hard selling of any kind. They will be far more likely to visit your website if you enclose this particular inexpensive gift, with a thinking of you and believed you could use this kind of note. You can get names and addresses from the SRDS which is the Standard Rate and Data Service.

There are all sorts of great and creative ways that you can get your business name before others. You can take some thing and add your personal creative twist to it, and then you can test and change it up. This is worth investigating because you never know what you will find that just really rocks this. You will also most likely run into more people as well as form a new system.

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