Friday, September 30, 2011

Increase Referrals with Unique Business Cards

One of the most important marketing tools today is the business cards. They may be small pieces of rectangular paper, but they pack a powerful influence as they are cost effective and easy to get in front of your prospects. Many business owners though think that business cards are simply papers that are used to share and exchange contact details. But these cards are more than that, so to get the real value of your business card, you need to look inside their true potential.

If you think your business is very crucial, your business cards are just as crucial. Your cards are considered as the first thing that your customers will see, so the first impressions they get of you are from these cards. Likewise, your business cads are the last things that your customers will see before they make a transaction with you. If you like your cards to stand out and be unique against your competitors then create a personalized card. When designed great and unique, your cards will surely increase your business referrals and commission.

1. Branding – when it comes to branding, the logo of your business is considered as the most crucial. The good thing here is that you can now add your business logo to your cards. You can choose to place your business logo on the side next to your business name. You can also choose to place it at the center of your card where your name is printed below. There are some card users that usually place their business logo on top of their images, associating their business with that said image or photograph.

2. Custom design of business cards -The standard size of cards is two inches by three and a half. Now, if you want to be distinct, you can consider cutting them with rounded corners and other several different shapes. Moreover, there are fold over cards today, or the mini brochures that are two times the size of your standard cards. You can use this type of design if you want to put more information in your card.

3. Content – business cards are also considered as a piece of marketing collateral, so always treat your cards as one. Choose the right words and never attempt at making your card look too flamboyant. If one part of your message is not doing something for your card, immediately get rid of it. Treat the message of your cards as a good piece of sales copywriting. There are times that you will be tempted to put additional details and information on your business cards, but try to resist it. Avoid overcrowding your card with nonsense details.

4 Printing – it is now possible to design and create your own card templates at the comfort of your own home with the help of your personal computer and printer. But if you are offering your products and services to white collar business people, avoid printing your cards on your own. Use an online printing company for this matter. There are some people that can spot the difference between a personally created your card and one that is done by professionals. Whichever fits your budget, be sure to choose one that will provide you with incredible business cards.

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