Sunday, July 24, 2011

Power of Referrals in Promoting your Consulting Business

As with most businesses the power of referrals in promoting in consulting is pretty evident as it has a real potential to help you expand the business quickly and efficiently. It can often be quite difficult to get your foot in the door for new clients so this is a very good way to get around that particular problem.

People like to try and get referrals or references before using businesses such as plumbers or builders but the truth of the matter is there is no real difference in using them for a consultancy. Businesses know that there is always a risk of people trying to overcharge them for poor quality work so a good referral reduces this chance.

People are very aware of the need to feel confident and able to trust a company who is doing something for you and we always feel better when we know someone who has already shown that trust in you and been rewarded in receiving a high level of work. There is therefore less need for you to justify yourself to them as the referral already does that part on your behalf.

Do remember though that a referral is not the end of the matter as you must still convince the potential client that you are worth the cost to them. You therefore really need to be ready to sell yourself and never fall into the trap of believing that it is all a foregone conclusion.

When you get a new client and they are happy with your work then just ask them to mention you to a certain number of their business friends and leave them with items such as business cards that they can distribute. Always make sure that you are then available for their call because if a current client is opening the door for you the last thing it needs is to then be slack in your preparation.

You can therefore see that the power of referrals in promoting your consulting business is that it can really help your business to develop better than you initially believed. It is always easier to pick up new clients if they know someone who is already happy with your work so just be ready for their calls coming.

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