Saturday, March 26, 2011

Creative Leads From Satisfied Customers

So, you've built a good business that generates enough revenue to pay the bills and maybe even have some leftover. Business may be good, but it can always be better. One way to serve more people and get more clients is by referrals. It's actually the oldest method of marketing known to man. Word of mouth is great for business and also good for the bottom line. What would your business look like if you could double your customer base? With the right attention to detail, you can increase your business with the help of your current satisfied customers. This is a great focus and here are some ideas to take action on:

1. Build a stronger sense of community among your current customers. Put everyone who has spent money with you on a special VIP client database and set out to create at least one campaign each quarter to show your appreciation with bonus gifts, introductions, recognition and support.

2. Get in the habit of asking for referrals, and reward customers who send business your way. Clients who help you grow your business to include more people will be placed on a VIP affiliate list and will receive additional bonuses and support. Each month the person who had the most referrals or affiliate leads will receive a special gift. Something fun, valuable and unexpected.

3. Work harder as well as smarter and no longer except that good enough is enough at all. Do your best work and improve the value that you offer so that prospects and customers will rave about the products and services they receive. This will make it much easier for them to share their success stories with others, further expanding your business by word of mouth.

We can all do better then we have been doing, right? We can be more engaging, more responsive and we can go the extra mile. The better we do the better we get. It feels like there is more competition then ever before. In order to stay in business and make an exciting living, we need to stand out as someone who is in it to win it and has the satisfaction of their customers as a top priority. Making sure your customers are feeling loved and receiving value will increase your referrals and will ultimately keep your business not only growing, but thriving!

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