Monday, February 21, 2011

Greeting Cards for Realtors

With the economy at rock bottom and real estate sales at an all time low, realtors might be tempted to cut back on marketing efforts. This would be a mistake. Realtors cannot afford not to spend on advertising if their plan on long-term viability for their businesses. Even if they have a strong customer base, they need to keep a fresh supply of new customer leads for when the economy starts moving again.

Fortunately, marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Direct mail marketing through greeting cards is a cost effective way for realtors to market themselves. It is all about developing a relationship with your customer. Building solid relationships with past, present and future customers can lead to more sales and more referrals. To build these relationships, it is important to stay in frequent contact, and one way to do this is through sending greeting cards. Greeting cards have a 99% open rate versus 17% open rate of a business letter. In a survey conducted by the Greeting Card Association, nine out of 10 Americans say they look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because it makes them feel important to someone else.

Let's take an example of a realtor and an attorney who meet at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. They exchange business cards. The realtor mentions that he likes to send out birthday cards and writes down the month and day on the back of the lawyer's card. Immediately after the event, the realtor follows up with a nice to meet you card. The birthday goes into a simple database that reminds the realtor to send out a birthday card that wishes a happy birthday and reminded the attorney of their meeting and his real estate business. At the next occasion that one of the attorney's clients needs a realtor, who do you think the attorney will think of?

A couple simple rules for business greeting cards are to keep it formal and spell check. Keep the message brief and for holiday cards, keep the message secular. Use Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Dr. Finally, always spell check. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and double check the person's and the business' name.

It is all too easy to send a generic typed note on company letterhead or an email. There are millions of these going around the world daily, achieving little in the way of impact. You can ensure that you are remembered if you do it in a way that shows you really care. The best way to develop a close bond with your customers is to keep in constant contact with them on a personal basis using greeting cards; through this personal bond come referrals and sales.


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  2. We have several cllents who are including QR codes to new listings inside their card and getting great response.