Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Referrals and Repeat Business Secrets That Create Fast Wealth

Discover simple but powerful ways to suck in repeat business and referrals like a vacuum cleaner. With the rising cost of adverting and marketing no business can survive long without them. Use these simple but power tips to send your repeat business and referrals through the roof.

Do you know the difference between a business that's successful year after year and one that's not? I can tell you in 4 short words. "Repeat customers and referrals!" With the rising cost of advertising and promotions, it's almost impossible for a business, large or small, to survive without them.

You should have an ongoing program of how to enlarge your repeat customers and referrals, even if you don't have any customers yet! It's that important. Have a plan A, B and C if necessary.

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of your business. Nurture your referrals and fertilize them to grow by keeping in contact with your clients and prospects through an automated and systematic greeting card system during the special holidays that we all celebrate.

* The Secret of Creating Wealth - Feeding Your Desire For Capital

In talking with people about money and asking them if they would like more money for their business or investing, occasionally, I have people tell me that they don't need any more money right now. I have only heard this answer from one person in my life whom I really believed. If you want to become a millionaire, deca-millionaire or even a billionaire, then you need to make a commitment to have access to as much money as possible.

* The Ultimate Business Wealth-Creating Secret: The Power of 1+1 = 3

The most successful business leaders in history - Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller - have used this principle. Thomas Edison used this principle. Mahatma Gandhi used this principle. And many more. What is this principle that has contributed to history’s greatest success stories? Read this article and learn the greatest wealth-creating secret in the business world.

* A quick way of earning a hefty income today is through the internet.

You need to understand the full potential of doing business online. We need to find tools for creating wealth online. For this research is very necessary. You need to choose a product or service you would like to sell online. We need to find out if it is a viable product or service you are offering to individuals. You can start by testing your product by offering it to friends and get their honest opinion on it.

* Business Referral Groups - How to Build Membership and Create Revenue:

Are you the founder, leader or member of a business referral group (also called a leads club)? Then you know how valuable it is to have a group of people dedicated to providing business leads to each other. This focused form of networking has helped people build their business revenues for decades. But what if your group is new, rebuilding, or growing too slowly to provide a good return on investment? You need to grow your group. How b

Few business firms can survive for long on one-time customers. Aside from selling a quality product or service to your customers, the number 1 area most businesses neglect is after-purchase services.

1. After-Purchase Service The Door of Opportunity:
After purchase service is what separates the men from the boys in most customers eyes. For example, do most places you spend your money at call or write to see if you were satisfied? I didn't think so, after purchase follow-up could be a niche you can exploit.

Most company's brag and boast about how important their customers are, but most can't be bothered after they get the customers money.

Do you ever follow-up to see how customers liked your product or service? Because so few companies do it, do you think people would remember you if you did it? You bet they would! You'll have very little competition here.

Another niche opportunity! Cha-Ching.

For investing a few seconds to send an email or text message
or 2 minutes for a phone call, you can cultivate repeat customers.
And perhaps learn something new from a customers point of view. The return could be enormous for such a small cost.

Another way to get referrals and repeat customers is to enlarge on the user friendliness of your product. User-friendliness is a word first coined from the hi-tech industry, but it can be applied to any product or service now.

2. Avoid Customer Assumptions Like The Plague:
Never assume your customers know all they need to know - to get the best use from your product or service. That's your job.

Don't just depend on customers calling you if they have a problem, go beyond that. For instance, you can offer a free seminar, video, or booklet covering the most asked questions about your product or service.

If you sell a routine product, you can offer a humorous booklet. For example, the booklet could be 25 unusual ways to use (Your Routine Product.).

3. Is Your Product or Service As User Friendly As It Can Be?
Can you think of ways to make your product or service more user-friendlier? Don't say no too fast! It‘ll be worth the small effort. Why? Because the customer who can get the best use out of your product or service will often be a repeat customer. Not only that, repeat customers refer you to their friends and family too.
Making a feature of your business, product, or service user-friendlier is a goal you can't afford to neglect. This is another way you can out-niche your competition.

Can you make it easier for your customer to order? Get help? Get service? Or return it for a refund? Knowledge is power only if you use it.

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