Monday, August 2, 2010

Why is LinkedIn So Powerful?

The reason LinkedIn is so powerful is that your data base is the key, the main asset that you have that is going to assist you in building your business. If you manage a referral driven business you know that building your data base of potential leads is what is going to help you grow your business. A lot of us want to grow our businesses and generate extra income. And many of us want a better life style, have more time with our families and more freedom to travel. LinkedIn helps you because you can build your data base with one click of a button as you can export your data base into a CVC file and import it into your e-mail marketing provider and now you have a larger data base you can market your services to. This is one of the main assets and why LinkedIn is so powerful. A lot of the other social networking sites have their own unique assets, but this is a primary asset of LinkedIn. With a bigger data base you will get more leads, sales, and opportunities.

The average household income for subscriber to LinkedIn is the highest for any social networking site. The average household income is $109,000 per user right now for people utilizing LinkedIn. It is higher than for users of New York, or even and many other sites. 45% of people on LinkedIn are the actual business decision makers of their company. So you know that approximately one out of every two individuals on LinkedIn can pay upfront if you have something to offer right there on the spot.

LinkedIn is a huge traffic generator. It allows you to drive traffic to your website. If you go to your home profile you will see "Network Activity" at the top. You will see it says attach a link and add your link right there for your article from your site, and then click. This will send it out directly to all the people that you are connected with on LinkedIn. It goes to the top of the home profile for people and it stays up there for a while. The next action you take is the most important after you click "share" it will populates your link to people's profiles you are connected with.

Think about the keywords in your niche. On the top right hand corner of your profile you will see the "People" search tab. Type in your keywords and see where you rank amongst your competition. If you are not on the first page on your searches, I will show you how to get to the first page right now!

The keyword(s) that you want to be found under have to be all over your profile specifically in (5) different areas.

In order to utilize your keywords to maximize exposure for your company it needs to be in 5 specific places I mentioned before. This is what I call a "5" Step Search Engine Optimization challenge. Think about your key words for your niche. The 5 specific places for them to be in are as follow:

Headline: The keyword has to be within your headline. The headline is the most important and relevant section of your profile, because it is at the top of your profile. It is the first thing that people see, so that will rank highest what keywords you have in there.

Current Work Experience: Place your relevant keywords in this section.

Past Work Experience:: Place your relevant keywords in this section.

Summary: This is usually the longest part of your profile. So having your keywords throughout your summary will help create better rankings.

Specialties: Adding in your keywords in your specialties area will help you rank higher.

Having your key words placed strategically in the aforementioned places will dramatically improve your traffic to your site and the overall ranking for your site through the LinkedIn search mechanism.

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